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70% of people prefer to learn about a company through articles rather than ads—and 82% feel more positive about a company after reading its custom content.

—Source: Demand Metric         


Content marketing packages consist of anchor assets and derivatives. Anchor assets are the "meat" of a content marketing campaign: These are robust pieces of content that are high-effort to produce, but are highly valuable. Anchor assets include e-books, research reports, white papers and long-form case studies. Derivates are the "tasty sides" of your campaign; they are spun off the anchor asset, and are lower-effort to produce, but are valuable in that they can be produced frequently and are easily digestible. Derivatives include blog posts, short articles, infographics and SlideShare decks. 

These packages can be custom-designed for your organization and content needs. Contact me for a quote or to learn more about content marketing.

editing / misc.

For editing services, or any other work that doesn't fit neatly into another category, I work at an hourly rate. 

referral network

Need professional photography? Web design? Consulting? I have a network of trusted professionals I can refer for your marketing and creative needs. 

feature articles / white papers

This type of content is long-form (typically 1,500 words or more) and substantive. I can cover most subject matter, though pricing may be higher for technical or complex material, since additional research will be required. Whether you need to present a business case for a new product or service, create in-depth marketing content for your company blog or produce a long-form case study reflecting your customers' experiences, I can produce meaty, compelling content. 

blog posts / short-form articles

Publishing regular, short-form content (up to 1,500 words) about your industry, products or services and news and trending topics is a cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy. Custom packages of short-form content can be created if you need to up your game.

newsletters & social content

Produce regular newsletters featuring your blog content, news and updates from your organization and trends and hot topics in your industry to keep current and prospective customers engaged with your brand. I can also create content for social media posts and profiles. 

e-books / research reports

When you really need to cover a subject in depth, consider an e-book or research report. These long-form pieces allow you to dive deep into a product or service, report on industry trends, present a collection of case studies and more. I draw upon extensive primary and secondary research to produce the most authoritative content possible. 


Sometimes it's best to say it with pictures. Infographics distill your message down to the most important quotes, snippets and statistics and display them in an easily digestible and visually appealing format. Images, charts and graphs can be incorporated to create an engaging and shareable piece of content for your blog, website, social channels or for embedding in a larger piece of content.

Pricing for all services is negotiated based on word count, research and/or interviews required, travel, technical difficulty and frequency. package pricing and recurring rates are available.

Contact me today to learn what I can do for you! / (o) 253.937.6602 / (m) 512.284.4617