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Content Marketing Packages

Grow your site big and strong with a balanced diet.

Content marketing packages consist of anchor assets and derivatives. Anchor assets are the "meat" of a content marketing campaign: These are robust pieces of content that are high-effort to produce, but are highly valuable. Anchor assets include e-books, research reports, white papers and long-form case studies. Derivatives are the "tasty sides" of your campaign; they are spun off the anchor asset, and are lower-effort to produce, but are valuable in that they can be produced frequently and are easily digestible. Derivatives include blog posts, short articles, infographics and SlideShare decks. 

These packages can be custom-designed for your organization and content needs. Contact me for a quote.

Pricing for all services is negotiated based on project complexity and technical difficulty; research, travel and/or interviews required; length; and frequency. Package and recurring rates are available.

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